Wood Wool and Erosion Control products

Erosion Control Blanket

This WWECB-PD is a Type 3B erosion control blanket made from Populus Canescens wood wool (excelsior), sewn in place between two lightweight, photodegradable
polypropylene nets. The blanket is sewn together with biodegradable yarn on 50mm centres. It has a functional longevity of 24 months. The blankets are tightly rolled and
wrapped for transport.

Eco Logs

Aspen Eco Log is a unique Sediment Retention Fiber Roll (SRFR), made in South Africa by Wood at Heart. Aspen Eco Logs are made of Aspen (Populus Canescens) wood wool that is enclosed in a Lyocell (cellulose) open weave knitted tubular netting. Lyocell is biodegradable and compostable material. The wood wool strands are 2mm wide x 0,5mm thick and 80% of the strand lengths are between 150 - 500mm. The Aspen Eco Log’s purpose is to provide a lightweight, porous, flexible sediment retention device that can be shaped to the terrain contours, dissipate water flow velocity and filter sediment from the water flows.

Wood Fiber Mulch

Not yet available as we are in the process of installing a Sunds Defibrator and steam digester. Please check in a few months on our progress.

Aspen Wood Wool

We produce aspen wood wool in a wide verity of thicknesses (0,1mm-0,7mm) and widths (2mm-10mm) depending on the application. The decorative wood wool is supplied natural and is a verity of colours. Packaging options range from 100g lose bags to 25kg or even bigger bales.